Birds and Insects

Collection of some of the more interesting images from the voyage

This page is still under development and should be completed by the end of June'15. Here is just a sample of what will be on offer :-

We saw this male frigate bird on a very small islet off Isabella on the Galapagos. The vivid, red inflated sack is used to attract the female of the specie. He told us in confidence that in his world 'biggest is the best'.

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Male Frigate bird attempting to attract a mate in the Galapagos

Australia is definitely not the place for an aracnaphobiac as it abounds with all sorts of creepy and often very poisonous spiders, not to mention the snakes and reptiles of a similar ilk. Surprising really, as New Zealand which originally broke away from the big continent harbours nothing nasty at all. Below is a St Andrews Cross spider on the back porch of a friend's home in Normanhurst in north Sydney. It gets its name from the pronounced cross in its web which is there to attract prey towards it in the centre of its web.

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St Andrews Cross spider (Argiope aetherea) in the northern suburbs of Sydney, Australia

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