Mammals and Reptiles

Collection of some of the more interesting images from the voyage

This page is still under development and should be completed by the end of June'15. Here is just a sample of what will be on offer :-

Whilst transiting the huge archipelago that is Indonesia, we called in at the Kumai river in southern Borneo especially to visit some close relatives. Close that is in the evolutionary sense, they were rare Orangutans in a specially created reserve, well away from human intervention and diseases. As you may imagine it was a remarkable experience to spend a couple of days interacting with many families in their natural environment. This is one of two alpha males in the area. They grow these pronounced cheeks when they attain an age of around 19 years. They are also intensely competitive and at one point we witnessed a thankfully rare treetop battle between both of the two main contenders. One sustained injuries which led the wardens to worry about how they could possibly render medical attention.

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Alpha male Orangutan in a reserve on the Kumai river in southern Borneo

Two for the price of one here, a mammal and a reptile. Dave comfortable with a sizable python in central Queensland, Australia. They really do make good pets as Dave discovered when he was doing VSO in Kenya in 1961/2 where kept two in the bath of the house he lived in for a couple of months.

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Dave comfortable with a Python in central Queensland, Australia

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